Global Funding Hub for BTS Park Jimin


Go to "SELECT" to choose how you want your donation to be spent. Donations are done via Paypal. If not available in your country, please message us so we can endorse you to Jimin country fanbases that accept donations via local banks.


Please accomplish the corresponding form for your intended purchase, or email [email protected]


Read up on how to set up a new PayPal account and how to apply and receive funding from FFJ.


Fund for Jimin aims to spread Jimin Music around the world and bring fans together in supporting and celebrating his artistry. Donations go to buying projects and funding Jimin Music during comeback season.

You can donate to Fund for Jimin through PayPal. If Paypal is not accessible to your country, you can message us via Twitter or email, and we will try to connect you with a Jimin country fanbase that receives donations through a local bank for their buying projects.

We created separate PayPal accounts for different purposes to ensure that the money you give will go to your intended purpose, and funds are easier to audit by Fund for Jimin members and affiliates.

You may donate to one or more of the following buckets:

  • Funding of purchases of Jimin's solo music, namely, Lie, Intro: Serendipity, Serendipity (Full Length Edition), Filter

  • Funding of purchases of songs credited to Jimin as a producer, songwriter, or composer (Friends, Dis-ease) and unit songs (Fly to My Room)

  • Funding of purchases of BTS' newly-released title track (Life Goes On)

  • General – for all the abovementioned purposes and Jimin Music buying projects to celebrate Jimin's birthday and anniversaries of BTS and his songs

For General donation, kindly note through your PayPal how much you are willing to allocate for Jimin's solos, Jimin credited and unit songs, and BTS' title track.



1. Click on "SIGN UP" below to go to PayPal's sign-up page.
2. Choose the account type you prefer: Personal or Business. We recommend choosing Personal.
3. Accomplish the details.
4. Verify your account through the link sent to your email.



1. Send fund request

Accomplish the Google Form for your intended purpose

  • Funding of purchases of Jimin's solo music, namely, "Lie," "Intro: Serendipity," "Serendipity (Full Length Edition)," "Filter" for buying parties for charting or celebrations

  • Funding of purchases of "Friends" for buying parties for charting or celebrations

  • Funding of purchases of tracks from BE: "Life Goes On," "Dis-ease," "Fly to My Room"

If the form is not accessible to you, please send the below information and attachments via Twitter ( or email ([email protected]):

  • Social media username and site address

  • Proof of the track being unpurchased

  • Details of desired purchase — track/s, platform/s, amount

  • PayPal email and indicate if it is a personal or a fanbase account

2. Send purchase receipt

Once you have successfully received the funds, you must provide us proof of purchase of the track. Failure to do so will result in a filing for a refund of payment through PayPal.

The receipt should contain the following:

  • Date and time stamps

  • Last four (4) digits of the order no. made visible

  • Your name or signature watermark